A song for the outcast

Roses are red
The seed has been spread
Three can keep a secret
If two of them's dead
Blood on their hands
Cut family bands
Not enough life without been
Given the chance
Are we meant to be angels
Fallin' or do we live to
Survive? This illusion
Ain't my way when everybody
Is walking out on
On the road to a strict perfection
Only the beauty live to tell
This is the source of all the infections
Jaded, but I won't fade out with you
Monsters been fed
Thousands ahead
Its all in your books but has
Never been said
I colour my art
Black for my ???
Running "?til I run no more
I'm back from the start
No I won't fade you with you
Livin' my life love self-destruction
No I won't fade out with you
What is you fear
Invitations are here
Cry a river inside but never
Shed any tears
Me and my saint
You and you taint
Born in the middle
And the story maintain

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