On some nights you'll find me falling
I am formless I am shapeless
On some nights i'm better left alone
You take it all in from some severed state of stasis
You scream, "WAKE UP!!!" inside your own body, but
You're buriedor suffocatingor worse
Tonight it's worse,
Tonight the screaming hurts
Tonight it's worse

Tonight, i'm wrapped up in her
We find each other under
Blankets as warm as summer
We are inseparable
Our bodies know what they're for
And we give in, we explore
Each other desperate for
Something inseparable

This coma kiss is infinite,
And I may take your tongue if you stay
We are this dream - fluid and intricate
We made it that way
Every nightmare needs an influence
And your body turning blue as you lay
Directly next to me colors this one
In bluish hues and darker greys

my wrists, it's in the center of my torso, behind my eyes and in the back of my head
Something is eating me alive from the inside out

Everyday when I awake I'm shaking or worse
Tonight it's worse,
Tonight the screaming hurts
Tonight it's worse

Last night as I was wrapped up in her
I drowned her body under
Blankets as warm as summer
We were inseparable
So this is what has become
Of everything that I loved
The betrayal and the blood
Became inseparable
From the most beautiful nightmare I've ever had
Completely inseparable

I see her hair spread across the floor
And tangled in the telephone cord
Our favorite song's been repeating all night
Someone call an ambulance, because something's not right

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