Rose Garden

I lost my heart a long time ago, such a long time ago
All that's left is a wanderin' soul, I'm just a wanderin' soul
I've seen rain like tears from the sky, just like tears from the sky
It's a beautiful thing to see the earth cry, such a beautiful thing
My spirit is born by the wind and blown like snow through the air
I've passed this way time and time again
I know soon, I know soon, soon I will be there
I'm on my way to Santa Fe, on the Santa Fe Trail
A medicine man has shown me the way,
I know that my feet will not fail
If you hear the moon call at night and smell the sage in the air
If you feel a breeze at your side, you'll know that I am there
I'll saddle and ride on steeds that never touch the ground
Over the deserts and canyons we'll glide till we see the lights of town
I'm a living ghost of the Sangre' de Cristos
as real and as cold as the rock
Like the red man who's lived here for a thousand years,
He knows I, he knows I, he knows I can't stop
I'm on my way to Santa Fe, on the Santa Fe Trail
My body shall rise from the cold red clay, I'll spread my winds and sail

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