Letra de canción de Common Rider: Blackbirds Vs. Crows

Blackbirds Vs. Crows

Stormbirds drfiting on a pool at rest
then come waves they just can't crest
Once their in the air it's a search for the kill,
thinking "if i don't do it someone else will",
till the war mandates fulfilled

Woah can you see
can you see them flying
They look to be the same breed
but they can't stop fighting
Flying in the night under enemy sights,
Looking for targets in a blind firefight-
What's at the end of the road?
-for blackbirds vs crows

Lets go down to the shipyard
Pick though the hulks for awhile
See if we can find some kings and queens
down there in the discard pile
They let their foes prevail, they let their battlements break
Children learn to keep your finger on the trigger
stay ready to make that big mistake


I think there's got to be more to this life
than kill or be killed


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