Another World

[Music: Tore Ostby]
[Lyrics: Ingar Amlien]

Feeling scared, don't know why
Everyone are staring
I want to get out of here
Dropping out, wanna shout
In despair I'm fighting
I'm living in a world filled with fear

It's in my mind, won't go away
Just like an obsession
Who are you my guest
Falling down to the abyss
Feels like I'm dreaming
But this is real, I can't escape

Secrets unknown wiil be revealed
I thought that all was lost
secrets unknown will be revealed
Lokking into another world

Intuition telling me:
Look into the future
My hope is growing strong
Horrorstruck, go away
I can't see the daylight
The time is running away from me

Gonna be, be your friend
If you wanna let me
I'm standing by a crossroad
Here I am, take me now
Into your arms I'll fall
I feel secure hiding in you

Secrets unknown will be revealed

Darkness around you
Despair surrounds
The remaining parts of your mind
Pain growing strogner
Can't take it no longer
It's tearing your soul apart


Secrets unknown will be revealed
I thought that all was lost
Secrets unknown will be revealed
I will survivem I'm gonna live
Looking into another another
Another world

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