Letra de canción de Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina): Fa Show

Fa Show

(Nickatina) It started out with Captain Crunch Cereal, an old turn table and a radio

In my young mind i was the mother fuckin' Imperial
Local drug dealers would say "Nicky i like your style keep doing it"
and i would look at them like what im doing? but im gonna do it fa show
blowin weed while others was blowing out 16 candles
happy birthday to you as i took plane rides to seattle
see i was born on the coldest day of the year march 11th,
and god told me i aint putin a foot up in heaven, or the whole world
Ho how you gonna be a player with no girl?
shirly temples in the club, had a fight, now no curls
if i gotta rape a lie, mack a dike, give me the night that there freak im gonna get a peice of the pie, and wont try
Certain things make me shiver, like the polish rap, when the money is delivered

(Equipto) niggahah! fa show! i hit the weed, kick the beat, equipto to the nicky T, history predict the picky cuz strickly my swishasweed officially done,
running this thing, quicker then many,
110% put it or you wont see a penny
Now as we construct the thought of,
to droppin the product in ever country we always see the world widely acknowledged,
all the MC's is polished dippin all in they stack
and they astonished cuz the game will treat em just like that while droppin a rap,
gettin contact and keepin em waiting,
off that frisco to my homie copan hagein
like canadian bacon you know im makin a way,
for me to get like on every plate, in every state,
rap up hoes down, 12th floor at the tyson fight with money on every round

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