Tha Anthem

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(Chorus 1)
Y'all don't know who ya fuckin' wit, baby
Y'all gon' fuck around and make a nigga go crazy
Y'all don't know who ya fuckin' wit, baby
Y'all gon' fuck around and make us all go crazy
[Verse 1]
I roll wit niggas that blow `dro and blow holes in yo torso
Deveras, mama, te digo la verdad
I ain't tryin' to impress ya just to get under ya dress
Nor am I tryin' to worry yo ass to leave you caught up in stress
I'm The Real Mc Coy, I'm as real as they come
Other niggas can talk about it, but nigga be silent wit their tongues
Instead of yappin' gums, how they be holdin' guns
How they be sellin' drugs and how much niggas give `em love
Don't they know that I don't give a fuck about what they got
Braggin' about yo shit in front of me can get ya just got
I ain't playin' no games, I done said it before
I'm taking niggas' platinum plaques and puttin' my shit on they walls
I'm like the
Best kept secret, that nobody knows
Only movin' about in these streets and carried out by these hoes
See some niggas out here, they only care for themselves
My and my niggas are the opposite: we catch this bread well
And if cats don't realize this, they ain't compliant
Never had no real cheese up in they muthafuckin' pocket
Papa taught me never be greedy, wit the money you hold
But watch out for fake niggas, and them gold-diggin' hoes
Now these are the words that I'ma live by, till the day that I die
Fuck the nigga that doesn't understand, and has to ask why
Has to ask why, has to ask why, fake ass muthafuckas have to ask why
(Chorus 1)
(Chorus 2)
la la, la la, laaaa, la la, la la, la la, laa laa, la la, laaaa
Now all my thug muthafuckas say
la la, la la, laaaa, la la, la la, la la, laa laa, la la, laaaa

[Verse 2]
Ay yo I'm tired of being broke, and not havin' nothin' to show for
I'm tired of poppin' ecstas sippin' on too much liquor
I'm tired of niggas makin' promises they can't keep
I'm tired of all this stress that's unablin' me to sleep
I gotta
get on top of things, make some moves in this game
Anyone can lay the track, but only I can bring the fame, and for as
long as I reign, I'ma bang on the brain
Makin' it hard for modern niggas in the streets to complain
Listen to the ones who, smoke Lala, and sniff up all the powda
And sell it for hot dollar, and don't give a fuck about nada
Gemini, the greatest, I'ma ball till I fall
And I'ma, reassure your thought with a fuckin' plaque on the wall
Y'all don't know, who ya fuckin' wit, baby
Y'all don't know, who ya fuckin' wit, baby
(Chorus 1)
(Chorus 2)

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