Letra de canción de John D. Loudermilk: Jimmy's Song

Jimmy's Song

Jimmy played the guitar longed to be a big star but Jimmy didn't have a song to sing
Jimmy sang sweet and Jimmy looked neat but Jimmy didn't have a song to sing
Until one day Jimmy ran into a little songwriter named Mary Lou
She had a brand new tune he dug and all at once they fell in love
Now Jimmy's singing Jimmy's song everybody's crazy bout it
Jimmy's song they're buying lots of records of it
Jimmy's song all the girls are slipin' over
Jimmy's song whoo Jimmy's song written by Mary Lou

Now Jimmy's got a Cadillac Mary's Got a Cadillac and a great big wedding ring
They've got a cottage out in the country with a swimming pool and everything
But that ain't all that they have got cause they've got a brand new little tot
Mary Lou thinks that it's awful sweet when Jimmy rocks Jimmy junior to sleep
Jimmy's song lul a lul a lul a bye Jimmy's song lul a lul a don'tcha cry
Jimmy's song goo goo goo goo
Jimmy's song whoo Jimmy's song written by Mary Lou

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