I've been watching you for a long time
I can see what you're doin', yeah
I'm losing sleep 'cos you're in my mind
Is it only me that you're foolin', now

Walk right in and you take my love
I should have known the game you're playin'
I'm still here but I'm on my own
And now I'm sayin'

Ooooh, keep away, you are dangerous
Keep away, you are dangerous

I wish I could erase the memory
But you're so hard to forget
Unpredictable, and so at ease
You're not like anyone I've ever met

Now I realize why you came
And broke something from my love
I guess you could say that my eyes were closed
And you thought that you'd take it all away

(Repeat chorus)

Less means more now that I'm without you
I can't take more of what's been going on
But I'll try to forget that I ever met you

You are dangerous, so dangerous
You are dangerous, too dangerous

(Repeat chorus to fade)

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