G.o.d. We Tru$t

(yo yo, yo yo)
Here's some food for thought
(you love to hear the story, again and again)
This is the shit that niggas die for
The shit they breath for
Sweat and cry for
Sacrafice their life for
Civlized turned to savages
Mainly out for lavish gifts
Check the story, check the story
This is the shit that niggas pray for, every night
And take bullets ricochet
Some would even slay for
Civilized turned to savages
Mainly out for lavish gifts
Check the story, check the story
Yo, I knew a brother named G
G was heavy weight
Niggas tried to emulate
Sellin' weight's how he did it
Out to make another G
Never finger-printed
Neighborhood drug lord, he'd make you say
(G) how'd he do it?
Had the blocked locked down
Pullin' levers out for treasures
Like black ceaser with the ledges
G smoked Benson off his hedges
Crack conisour, ghetto godfather
Got you checkin' out the saga
I remember when he made a few bucks
They called him Poo, but
That was way before he blew up
He grew up
But still he wasn't easy
G was movin' speedy
His team started to say
(This mother fucker's gettin' greedy)
Already had a Lex, man Dan was vexed
Didn't like the way he started to flex
(what the fuck

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