I heard that you're on your own now, so am I, I'm living alone now
I was wrong, so were you, what will you do?
Are you glad to be free, are you feeling lost just like me
Longing for company
Oh Sam, Sam, you know where I am, come around and talk awhile
I need your smile, you need a shoulder
Oh Sam, Sam, you know where I am, and the door is open wide
Come on inside, longing to see you
Oh Sam, Sam, you know where I am
I find the days hard to face now
Empty rooms, there's much too much space now
And the nights go so slow, I'm sure you know
Wish I knew what to do, it would be so nice seeing you
And it might help you too
Oh Sam, you know where I am, oh Sam, ooh Sam
You know, you know, you know where I am (to fade)



Alex     2011-04-29 06:27    
eres unas las mejores voces femeninas que he escuchado y tu belleza hacen una combinacion perfecta, que el señor te bendiga por tu musica y por como lo interpretas me encanta.
admirador de olivia     2010-12-30 02:03    
Olivia fuistes, eres y seras el amor de mi vida, por bella, talentosa..etc, gracias a Dios, por mandarnos un angel como tu
GUILLERMO OCHOA     2010-09-12 10:50    
Me encantas olivia newton jhon..un beso hasta tu australia..gracias por tu música, por tu belleza, por tu angel y por tu sensibilidad..gracias!!