Ain't Life Sweet

Kick out the cat / turn back the clock
Ain't life sweet baby look what I got
They took the TV honey
Oh babe now they took the car
I skipped the bills yeah
And I've been drinking at the bar

Ain't life a treat, it ain't so sweet
When you're down on down / down on down

The bank's foreclosing
And there's a foot inside my door
The telephone's not ringing
And I can't take it anymore

I'm off the track / my last six pack
And I'm down on down / going down
Ain't life a treat it ain't so sweet
When you're going down / down on down

Hit me Shorty


My God the kids are screaming
And the help she ain't been paid
My baby upped and left me
Well I hope she's getting laid

Ain't life a treat it ain't so sweet
When you're down on down / going down
I'm just bad luck looks like I got stuck
Down on down / down on down

I took it to the limit, now I'm really in it
Going down / right on down
Just like the IRS oh, more is less
Going down / down on down

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