Paroles de chanson 3 Minute Hero: Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

it's where we like to dine
because the food's just fine
it's the best place in town
to fill up then get down
the chinese restaurant is where we have sung
the worthy praises of mao tse tung
the chinese restaurant is where we like to dine
all that you can eat for $369
got a big bowl of beef chow mien
so hot it fries my brain
gotta git me some more
burns my soul to the core
be an opulent pagoda or a sleazy strip mall
the chinese restaurant is our great wall
we;d like to tell you where it is -- our place to eat but it's a
[insert your own witty ad-lib conversation here]
we couldn't tell you much about tianenman square
but we've tried the egg foo yung (at feat few have dared)
the chinese restaurant is where we like to dine
all that you can eat for $369

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