Gather Round

You're right, I should fight
And jump around tonight
But got no will left, this place took it all
Win, lose, take a walk in my shoes
Tell me, which side would you end up on?
Gather round - won't let 'em stomp us to the ground
It's just another fantasy - gather round
Gather round - ya better get up or stand down
It's just another fantasy - gather round
Don't you even try to tell me
What's goin' on around me
I got my own eyes I can see
No time for discrimination
No racial segregation
No right, no wrong, just you and me
Been tryin' to find a reason to live my life
It's only gettin' harder now just to get by
But I know if we gather round it'll be all right
You see the only way to get things done
The only way to do it is to act as one
So get up now!
The battle's begun

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