Over Conscious


lady of the eyes
your eyes are just melting me
so strong
smoulder in to my mind
and I'll do everything I did

Lady of my eye
your light's just too bright for me
so blind me
control me
don't find me
until I say

I'd tear your heart out
leave you for this mess I'm in
keep you for keepsake
until the blow hits me
and finally
I'll land on my knees

a second ago
you told me to wait one more
I'm walking away
but you're with me today
Til then

just show me your faith
and I'll remember the kiss that you sold me
I paid all your price now
I'm too scared to cry
over conscious of you

I'll tear your heart out
leave you with this mess I'm in
you'd keep me for keepsake
until my blow hits me
and finally
I'm back on my knees
back on my knees again

lady of the eyes
lady of my eye
your light's just too bright
over conscious of you

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