Such devastation, master
A mighty civilization destroyed in the blinking of an eye
decimated by the madness of a rogue demi-god

Indeed, my young apprentice
Ancient Mu was annihilated utterly
cast to the same shark-haunted grave as would
one day embrace Atlantis, Lemuria
and even proud and noble Hyperborea

And what became of the treacherous one
the Chaos-dog Zurra?

He was consumed by his own darksome power, young Xerxes
A splinter of his consciousness was returned to the
prison beneath the Mare Imbrium,
while another echo of his being was dispersed
along the filaments of the space-time matrix
to a period before the first battle in the War of the Lexicon was even fought
The primary facet of the black-hearted Zurra was condemned
to a limbo of such unimaginable tortuous magnitude,
that it made the horrors endured by dread Angsaar himself
seem like naught but a lover's caress in comparison

Such power as was wielded by Zurra corrupted his heart, master
His quest for the Lexicon was not a desire
born of the eternal search for cosmic enlightenment,
but rather of a vain hope that such elucidation
would allow him to understand the horrors which blighted his own immortal soul

You may yet one day understand
the intricacies of the sidereal web, young apprentice
Come the mists once again cloud the great cosmic eye,
and the vista darkens for today
But rest assured, my youthful neophyte
there are many more stories in this vast, eternal saga yet to be told

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