We've Found It

They say money is the owner of the day
For you to have good woman and not let her
Slip away
You come to me, in my arms I wrap you tight
Shower her with jewelry and fashions out of sight
But all the talk they talk,(sha sha sha) I find it hard to believe
Cause in the book of love, we omit the word
Deciet, and our situation, has proven them wrong
I'm so convinced with that in hand, I decided to write
This song
I think We've found it
I see heaven in your eyes
We've found it
Passion in your smile
I think we've found the answer baby
We've found it
Ooh all that love yal
They say, what you put in is what you take out
We sowed and what we're reaping is an endless
Amount All that talk about true love has losed its
Ground, got myself a good woman, and I'm sure I'm
Safe and soundI hear the talk they talk (sha sha sha)
But I just don't believe cause in the book of love we omit
The word deciet, and our situation, has proven them wrong
I'm so convined, with that in hand I decided to write this song
(chorus to fade

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