Pelicans are rising in the dusk dawn pukey sea
And I'm having apparitions performed by my memory
Well the sand feels like gehenna as it swallows up my feet
I am underneath the blackness I am underneath this weight
I don't want any forgiveness I won't savour your regret
I don't need any old dosage to try and help me to forget
Some may call this my obsession but let's just say I'm strong willed
Let me be in your possession and it's victory I'll swill

I'm sorry but I'm only here to claim you
please don't ask me any questions, I'll try hard not to detain you
And forgive me take my hand swear I won't maim you
just a dose of your attention and I'll make myself scarce

Far beneath the cliff tops I'm throwing ashes on my head
And I'm digging my own coffin with the seaweed and the dregs
I may be looking at a blue sky when there's vultures overhead
I am scribbling In the sandstone I am washing out my head

And I'd blame you but I'm only here to claim you
It's this pacifistic war I wage I know I can't restrain you
And I'd love you but I'd sooner rise above you
And I'd wave my flag of insolence and swear that I'd be true
And then I'm gone

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