Back Seat

Its only 3, u playin
Girl it?s been so long
I can hardy wait
Girl is u I crivin
Cant wait to see u baby
I can work no more
Cant concentrate
When u lips me mind
I wont hesitate
Girl is u I want
I been missing u baby

[1] - so about the time I have u close to me

No more livin in a fantasy
I?ll be right where I suppose to be
Baby we just might be

[2] - on the back-seat gettindown

On the back-seat gettindown
On the back-seat gettindown
On the back-seat gettindown

Nothing much to do
For the next 3 days
Got the friday night
Mondays are holiday
Got my mind on need
I ve been for u baby

Lets drive up the coast
Lets live la
Find us a spot
I can have all the view
To myself now baby

[repeat 1]

[repeat 2]

Missing u
Wanting u
Needing u
Touching u
Squeezing u
Dreaming u
Teasing u
Pleasing u
Breathing u
Eating u
Sleeping u
Thirsting u
Cant wait baby

[repeat 1]

[repeat 2]

If u believe in love
Lets get down
Lets get down

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