Till It's Time

I just, can't tell
This feeling here inside me
I feel, so strange
Whenever you are near me
Everytime i see you pass i smile
But then you never seem to realize
Its for your eyes
If you would say hello
It would be nice
You're in my mind
Almost all the time
Every single minute all i do is think of you
And deep inside
In this heart of mine
I have to go on wishing till it's time
One day, you came
And you are oh so near me
I smiled, and then
You turn and did not see me
How am i supposed to get to meet you
What should i do
Your in my dreams, i feel it seems
That you don't feel it quite the way i do
Repeat chorus
Yeahhh heyyyy ohhh
Yes deep inside
In this heart of mine
I have to go on wishing till it's time
Repeat chorus
Till it's time

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