That Broad 

[Cha Cha]

Cha Cha, uh-huh
Ninety-nine (Cha), you know
Cha, Cha, ah, ah

Ladies I see Cha got to sit wit' y'all, spit to y'all
For about a half-a-minute, listen y'all
It's gettin' hard, even sickening just to look at y'all
Look at y'all, hard to turn chickens into broads
But duty calls, so I hope I'm gettin' through to y'all
It hurts my heart to see what lame niggas do to y'all
It's new to y'all, but still I blame you for the booty calls
Y'all knew exactly what he wanted but still you got involved
That's who's fault?
A true broad would've brushed him off
And if he still act a fool, baby cut him off
I'm trying to tell you we could run this if you think about it
We got the one thing that they crave and can't think without it
They dream about it and run games and I think y'all knew
What y'all would do, ain't nothing but legs open, pass two
Than what they do, forget you and respect the wifee
Be more conversations, y'all might be just like me
I'm that broad baby

1 - It's a chick's world
Drop your chickens baby boy and get this big girl
This big girl sipped Earl in the six pearl
Bad broad if they ask y'all
Which girl, this girl, I'm that broad
It's a chick's world
Drop your chickens baby boy and get this big girl
This big girl sipped Earl in the six pearl
Bad broad if they ask y'all
Which girl, this girl, I'm that broad

If I'm with a street nigga, he the top dog, the block hog
Cause I know he keep it cocked for her, not y'all
Lil' guys at the spot door, with rock draws
With Lil' Jamal on the watch for 'em, stop y'all
I be the broad in the pent, top floor, when the spot blow
Cop the dough out his top drawer
So when they say how much from hence for the Britmoor
Spread my fingers apart and be like this more, and get more
Give me ten on the forth finger, forth streamer
Easy talk till it's a bought Beamer, y'all seen her
Step out in Stiletto heels, sex appeal, dressed to kill
Chrome rims for niggas eyein' her other set of wheels
Set of bills, big faces, be why you quick to chick chase
And at any given moment have you up for replacement
That's a broad's way of thinking, a broad's way of makin'
Niggas do what they do
What? I told you

Repeat 1

Now y'all know if it ain't hot, Cha ain't seen in it
V-tinted, whole thing kickin', she's in it
She's the one with the chrome, A-M-G's spinnin'
Hop out and see the pop-up key, oh she ain't rent it
I tease in it, time shine with the freeze minute
And gleam wit' it, ever since I put the three's in it
And she'll spit, but ain't wit' it unless her fees wit' it
And she meant it every word editors please print it
Surprised you, knew bitches with the G's in it
First seen when it had the shirt matching jeans wit' it
Now watch this, I kicks it off from the most crotchless
No balls, I punks y'all till I cops it, I got this
The trendsetter you can't knock this, stop this
You ain't even want it till I rocked it, and drop it
Got this clothing thing sewed and locked it
Cop that much, for mannequins even rock this
You got this, you got it?

Repeat 1 till end

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