The Saint


Tell me the Saint, where is the Promised land?
Where is the One, who is loving us all?
Why you still here, among the ignorant folks?
How can you forgive all these depraved souls?

I cannot understand the meaning of your life
It seem to me just like a bird cannot flies
Still can believe, still can forgive,
But have no place to leaving
Tell, what you feeling?

Tell me Saint [Tell me Saint]
Why people are so wicked?
Tell me Saint [Tell me Saint]
Where can I find the tolerance?
Tell me Saint [Tell me Saint]
Where can I get the deliverance?
How you bear the ignorance?
Tell me, how?

Just like a candle blowing out in the wind
You filled with tears that you can never try to sing
Still have the strength to keep your faith
But I have none, I fear it
I beg you, heal me!


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