Paroles de chanson Cirith Gorgor: Into A Nightly Silence

Into A Nightly Silence

[Lyrics: Lord Mystic]

They are dark, the mystical purple shining skies
Fictional reality images, that only the night has the power to create
Blackening of the sun, the day slowly dies
Feeling frozen as I stand, feeling the sinister ambiance
This night made, not knowing what to await

Mysterious Beauty the truth my dreams foretold
An inner fire burns strongly within this shell of flesh
And expels the outside cold
The empires of a silent path,
Leading through the infinite ways of my wrath

Shining bright, her eyes in which I gaze,
Dreams as prophecies reflecting in her face
Sinking deeper and deeper into the silence of the night
Embracing this moment being held in her might
Reaching the depths of my soul

Those moments in the silence of the night,
Wandering through a world beyond the knowledge of mankind
Will these moments last eternally?

Hear myself breathing feel my heart pounding its rhythm mesmerizes me
Experiencing the night as it was meant to be
Together alone standing aflame, overwhelmed by the powers of the night
Body and soul bound together as one, and thoughts of times-to-come driven aside
A life beyond, with the desires of dark passion shall be the whole,
Timeless ways of the soul

Touched by the fire, now in my spirit engraved
Undeniable, through this night forever enslaved

In these moments in the silence of the night,
I live in a world beyond the knowledge of mankind
These moments shall last eternally

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