Paroles de chanson Compton's Most Wanted (MC Eiht): 100%


Y'all niggas ready?
Check this out
Hey yo, Raw
Cock yo shit, nigga
Get yo shit ready
It's 'bout to get down, baby
(It's goin down, baby, it's goin down)
CMW in the house 1-2
DJ Slip in the house 1-2
Check this out

[ VERSE 1: Tha Chill ]

Hit em up with the quickness, cause niggas was lookin shady
Thinkin that they could fade me with they dirty-ass 380
I'm scopin out your whole squad
Try to flex and watch me ram like a fuckin Dodge
Bring the noise like you're PE
Tryin to see the CPT G
Steppin up out the fo'-do'
Squeezin a chrome fo'-fo'
'Don't give a fuck' is the motto
I'm thugged out, drinkin Silver Satin from the bottle
Blowin tweed till my eyes poked out, I'm loaded, my brain's corroded
Fools thinkin they caught Chill slippin, they straight moded
This ain't no fuckin slip 'n slide
You sidebusters wanna take this shit outside?
Turn off the lights like the Wreckin' Crew
Leave you black and blue
Don't sleep, I'm goin up in your fuckin pockets too
I'm greedy as they come, get your guns, get em cocked
And ride 100% till that ass drop

[ *scratching* ]

"As I come back" --> Busta Rhymes

[ CHORUS: Tha Chill ]

You better be down 100% till that ass drop
You better be down to smash on till that ass flop
Cause that nigga Bumpy Jay ain't gon' never stop
Tryin to step and I'ma let you meet the Reebok
You better be down 100% till that ass flop
You better be down to smash on till that ass drop
Cause that nigga Bumpy Jay ain't gon' never stop
Tryin to step and I'ma let you meet the Reebok

[ VERSE 2: Tha Chill ]

Now I'm perved out to smoke the muthafuckin Burb' out
Plus I heard these fake-ass haters done put the word out
Tha Chill's up in your system, hard's how I hit em
With the flows to wet the panties on hoes how it goes
Get the party jumpin, Raw got the beat pumpin
Straight thumpin up in your woofers to make the whole street look up
You're shook up, wonderin why we got the fuckin hook-up
And thinkin why we got the whole damn studio booked up
Droppin em bombs, killin car alarms
Got them niggas on stuck, hoes ready to fuck
They suck like they suck fish
Watch me handle this, player-haters trip on me get bucked quick
Don't give a damn, I just cram like Golden Grahams
G mentality had them fools mad at me
Tryin to catch me slippin at the weed spot
You better be down 100% to ride till you drop

[ *scratching* ]
"As I come back"
"Bring it back, come rewind" --> Busta Rhymes

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