Paroles de chanson DJ Honda: F*K Dat (feat Sean Blak)

F*K Dat (feat Sean Blak)

Featuring Sean Black]
Cause we gonna do it like this nigga (for 9 6) My motherfuckin' team
representin' nigga Fuck y'all niggas talkin' about? Where A&D clique
youknowhatI'msayin'? We gonna do it Carlito's way
"Nigga Fuck that" Buckshot 'Black Moon'
Verse 1:
Flippin' it over like the Illmatic one this rap addict
Sean Black be a freestyle fanatic
Sippin' Nas and all that plus I be
One of America's most B
Lthe UNTED blunted forever
Styles change up like the weather
Rugged like a Norface my flow is smoother then your leather so
Open it up son it's too gettin' hot
Matter of fact take it off your back before you get shot
My crew is strapped down ready to go to war and you don't need it
(so just chill sit back) Spark up an L and get weeded while I prodeed
Internationally to make your brains bleed
(You ain't really got no flavor) plus your girl brill is keyed
Don't ask me why I'm always flippin' on these wack rappers
Cause they fake thug niggas wanna-be gat clappers
Talkin' about this and that but always on beats
Cause all that gangsta shit is dead nigga let's take it to the streets
Yo if you real keep it real and if you fake burn a roada (why?)
Cause the niggas I'm runnin' with will attack you from your throat up
"Whatever I see I attack"-Buckshot (x4)
"Get off my back nigga fuck dat"-Buckshot
Verse 2:
A-yo check one two for the murderous gun crew
Three four is for the raw lyrical I got in store
For them next niggas frontin' like they ill but chill
Actin' like they bunch of criminals cause they pack steal
But that's aiight niggas do what they gotta do to get the cream
(Step to the wrong team)
And all your cash thoughts will be a dream
N'awmean? Cause you insist of gettin' me vex
Fuck it my rhymes is maxed now who's next to show techs on the el
Your crew is weak and they rhymes sound infected
Tryin'to get a car track get your whole fam rejected
It's the black attack trying to get cash like John Gotti
Still gettin' my loot and lettin' my lyrics catch the body
So when nothin' change everything remains the same
The nigga that's known for puttin' SOP stickers all over the train
(What? Rewind that back)
And let me flip this track
Cause yo whatever I see I attack nigga

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