Ama Kill You

He who dares may not win
But if he wins then be the one who don' dare

(gun fire) (police sirens) (car screaching)
(all goes quiet)

Yeah yeah am back on the streets
Yeah yeah gonna blow away all the creeps
Ha ha am back muh'fuckers
Best start running cus i be gunnin

You say you wanna fight me but yo aint don' nothing
You just a lil pussy who'll be crying in the morning
Best thing to do is go to your mummy
Like usual you do you mutherfuckin dummy
Luke is yo name isn't it?
You wont have one now listen too me
You fucking lil pussy i'll squeeze yo head
Till you bleed out yo eyes and end up dead
Pick you up by your fucking spine
I'll kill you instantly just like my rhymes
Fucker fucker fucker
Mother fucking fucker
Don't' chu ever think abou bein with my gurl again
Cus i tell you summin i kill you with anything even a pen
When ?, isn't an answer
Soon is the question i'll molester you like fucking cancer
When you lil bitch go crying too yo mates
Well tell em sumthing i'll eat dem like fish bates
Am gunna fucking stab you
Slash yo heels tell you to run huh?
Soon you'll be wishing you never said somethin
Cause when am round yo gunna be dead sufferin

Now the best thing to do
Is fuck off to waterloo
I want catch you there
But i'll getchu in yo prayers
Don't go to sleep
Cause i'll getchu in yo nightmares
Just like freddie

1 2 am fucking coming for you
3 4 better lock yo door
5 6 i'll fetch yo crucifix
7 8 i getchu early or late
9 10 the question is when
(gun shots)

Y'know what you aint worth shit
So ama stop rapping bou you ama bou to quit
Fuck this y'all bye bye am out
Jus like a muh'fcukin brussel sprout

Ha ha (gun shots) (police sirens) (car screaching)

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