I leave town, take a ride
Maybe see the countrysdie
All green and gold
I'll breathe a better air I'm told

The city life is fine
But is seems like all the time
It's and uphill clim
And I never draw the line

This land, this land
The soil turns to sand and stone
You could build a home
A little place to be alone

I'm worried about the world
I'm worried too about a girl
But that's nothing new
And there's too much else to do

Take a man, any man
Then i start to understand
What he believes
Becomes the very land he sees
And it sets him free
A way to be

(I'm) gonna clear my head
Walk along the riverbed
(I'm) gonna play a song
And hope it finds her further on

I cleared my head
I heard just what the river said
I made a song
It'll find you further on

Now I'm far away
From the troubles of the day
Another way
Another way to pray

Take a man, any man
Then I start to understand
What he believes
Becomes the very land he sees

This land, this land
Here it is, I understand
What I believe
Becomes the very land I see
And it sets me free
The heart of me
A way to be

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