Say you'll meet me after school
Lucky me you're pretty cool
Badly want someone to want me
Take me home so you can flaunt me

Who this boyfriend number 10
Daddy crows from in his den
Roughly push me to your bed
Pants are taken lights are dead
Think you're perfect irresistible
Queen of hedonistic principles
Wondrous vision, buxom swell
Look like heaven taste like hell

You seduce me with your plastic smile
Roll on lips and your ponytail
And you tell me I'm the only one
Same excuse for every father's son
The promise that you just can't keep
I'm lonely but I'm not that cheap

I used to believe in love
You use it just like a glove
Stop the fingerprints from showing
Taking things when no one's knowing

Touch me cause my daddy's rich
Marry into bigger fish
Tell me I'm your dearest honey
Think that I'm just easy money

I don't care if sex is casual
Fantasies or feelings actual
I won't be a stepping stone
To any kind of bullshit throne

Girl you smoking cigarettes
Rancid poison on your breath
Taste yourself you smell like death
To love you I must drink my meth

Kiss you is like lick the street
Tar and spit between my teeth
Heart attacks and sweet relief
Take your pleasures life is brief

Fuck yourself and fuck your cigarette
Take your chances take your liberties
Fuck yourself and fuck your cigarette
Take your chances take your liberties

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