Paroles de chanson Forever Moon: The Only World I Know

The Only World I Know

Through the days of my life, I've walked away from you
At night I say I'll come back
But like a fire that tries to burn in the rain
My flame has dwindled to fast

I wake up each day and know that I'll fail
And I know that you're looking down
But God was the one who sent us a Savior
And I thank him you're wearing his crown
I want to drown in your love and walk by your side
Soar in the heavens, leaving this world behind
But I wrestle with the fear of what I don't know
If I could only let go of the only world I know

And in these crashing waves I am thrown back and forth
By the sin that entangles my life
But up on that hill I see you waving
You ask me to stand by your side

Like a cup catching the rain (watch if fill up so slowly)
Let your love fill me until I'm

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