Million Days in May

A million days in May
So hard to concentrate
So hard to hear the ocean
They've got that confidence
I swear it's monstrous
I can smell 'em when they're swollen
I just can't promise it
I try to live with it
Everything I know is corroded
It's just a constant push
I can't do it but I know I should
Talking with my teeth clenched
So tired I can hardly stand
Don't know what to make of it
Just would like to freeze awhile
If you wake me when it's done
I won't tell anyone
You won't even detect a smile
I got a million lies
To sew up those alibis
No diatribes here
I'm whistling in the dark
For tonight there are no stars
Maybe I'm just scared of being
Now I'm stitching up those wounds
Just trying to tie my shoes
I could hurt you past believing
We may have been friends once
But now that much is crushed
Everything I know is corroded
Million days in May
So hard to concentrate
So hard to hear the ocean

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