Fat Boy

In elementary I was the lowest class
A bitter little kid good in science and math, well
I never had a problem making the other kids laugh
When they'd steal my lunch and kick me in the ass, well
But I could see the surface from there (hey hey)
Choking up and gasping for air
No sanctuary but my secret lair (hey hey)
My reason for resistance is clear
Telephone never heard a ring
To my comic books I would cling
Talking to girls was an alien thing
Fatboy! like I was when I was young and
It's hard growing up when they're putting you down
Fatboy! like I'm living right now
When I ain't got luck, I ain't got nuthin'
So I slammed by door and I locked myself in with
Dungeons & Dragons and Todd McFarlane
Staring so hard at those pages I pecked
Just to steal my attention away from the attacks

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