Analyze Your Life

[Verse 1]

I was fast asleep and i had a dream
and everything was so confusing
and you were there listening to me
while i was talking
in the middle of nowhere
i told you what was going on
how everyhting was going wrong
and in the midst of it all you sad
you said


When the rain starts falling
and the wind starts blowing
and it keeps on going
and it keeps on growing
and the sun stops shining
and the water's steady rising
coming higher and higher
you gotta take sometime
to analyze your life

[Verse 2]

And i was trying to awake from this dream
cuz the things you were saying just didn't make sense to me
but you stayed there still listening to me
while i was explaining in the middle of nowhere
then the rain began to fall
and the wind was blowing strong
and in the midst of it all you said
you said


[Verse 3]

And for the 3rd time
i finally realized
with tears running down my eyes
i cried, i cried cuz i understood
why things were going wrong in my life
and it came as no surprise
that i had to make a sacrifice
you told me it was up to me
some of the things didn't have to be
and right then it hit me
how this dream was reality

[Chorus 2x]

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