Cold As Ice

"Colllld asss iiiiice; you know that you are
Colllld asss iiiiice; you're cold as ice for me!
Colllld asss iiiiice"

Yeah, hahaahaha, OHHHH SHIT! {"You're as pussy as ice"}
YEAH!! {"You're willing to sacrifice"}
Word the fuck UP! {"Yu're as cold as ice"}
You're ICE! {"You're willing to sacrifice"
{*whspered*} First Family
{"You're as cold as ice", "You're willin to sarifice"}
{"You're as cold as ice", "You're willing to sacrifice"}

I'd like to welcome motherfuckers to the back of the mind of Bill
See I'm for real
When deliverin these MOP tactics, I'll bury you bastards
I custom make caskets
The BG (told ya nigga) the YG (soldier nigga)
Even the OG (cobra nigga) told ya nigga
I may come, with my gun in my hand
to make sure you motherfuckers understand

Pardon me!
How the fuck you gon' start with me?
I'm a heavyweight in this game, you just spar with me
You get laced down, from your face down, drop your shit
Niggaz thought MOP stand for "mop" and shit
Don't don't DON'T, get it twisted
I told you that we top of the line designed realistic
For instance, MASH OUT POSSE
will come through and clear yo' ass out
dump and air yo' ass out, CHUMP, we cold

{"You're as cold as ice"} That's right!
{"You're willing to sacrifice"} SHO' NUFF!
{"You're as cold as ice"} Yeah!
{"You're willing to sacrifice"} COME ON!
{"You're as cold as ice"}
{*whispered*} First Family
{"You're willing to sacrifice"}
{"You're as cold as ice", "You're willing to sacrifice"}

A predicate gun buster, I passed all classes
One of the fastest at blastin flashes (BURNT)
You seen my work, you know my steez
It's a slim chance that I'ma hesitate to squeeze, please
Money never made me (no) money never played me (NO NO)
and Money bet' not make (?) or I break his ass
Subtract his ass when I step through his hood
Fuck droppin you, I'm into stoppin you for good

Stop him if you could {"You're as cold as ice"}
And you'll be, stiff as a log in a suit lookin nice
Youse a sinner nigga {"You're as cold as ice"}
But you ain't cold enough to freeze hot slugs when they run up in ya
You ain't in my class nigga, I'm the last nigga
You gon' fuck around and get blast, sucka ass nigga
The soul survivor, survivor sole
Nigga you roll, and I roll, let's stroll
I told you that I'm cold!

{"You're as cold as ice"} Yeah!
{"You're willing to sacrifice"}
{"You're as cold as ice"} Yeah!
{"You're willing to sacrifice"}
{"You're as cold as ice", "You're willing to sacrifice"}
{"You're as cold as ice", "You're willing to sacrifice"}

Yo I terrorize guys (EXERCISE) street formulas
At hip-hop shows, cause pandemonium
Shit, I ain't concerned until it's my turn
I snatch a mic jump on the stage and show my ass like Howard Stern
But not in that form (hell nah) I perform
lyrical heatwaves, that'll keep your brain warm
But when it's on, you fuck around and get ripped up
or get placed in a bodybag, with that ass zipped up
Toe tag 'em!

Even ballistics won't be able to tell, how the fo'-fo' ragged him
Draggd him, alfway down the blck
Now yu know where a nigga go when a nigga close a nigga shop
{"You're as cold as ice"} Fuck yo!
Tell me somethinnew
On behalf of the First Family staff, and homicide crews
I told you we were cold

{"You're as cold as ice"} Yeah!
{"You'r a ice"}Yeah
{"You're willng to sacrifice"}
{"You're as cold as ice", "Yu're willing to sacrifice"

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