Just Stay

I found my fickle friend out in the alley way
He said "You don't look so good"
I said "Hey, Doc, that's great"
"You started practicing, I never got the note"
So lets shake and trade and be on our way
Let's go go go

So here we are again, inside your neon shrine
Sharing a chopping block beneath embarassed light
That tries to hide from us, it tucks itself away
So we both grab hold and say "No you don't"
Just stay, just stay

The morning's hot and harsh
My notebook fills itself
The words come thick with sweat
But it feels like someone else
Is writing all of this
Someone I just can't believe
So I mop my brow, set my pen back down Still me, still me

And I'm grabbing at a feeling now
That I can't ever name
Some sign posted to remind me
How I wanted things this way
She says "It's pretty but you hate yourself"
"I can hear it clear as day"
And I say "I sing like this,
It sounds worse than it is"

I'm okay, okay
I'm okay, okay
I'm okay, okay
I'm okay, okay
So just stay, just stay
So just stay, just stay
I'm okay, okay
So just stay, just stay,
Just stay, just stay

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