Paroles de chanson Knightowl: Here Comes the Knightowl

Here Comes the Knightowl

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[Chorus 1]
Here Comes The Knightowl Knightowl


Bring em all around
Say you wanna battle me
Did you want to get down
They flip when I wanna trip
With my clip
Shootin em down to ground
Everybody knows I gotta gun that'll never miss
Put em in a line bet I make a rhyme
Swing like me fist
I'm ready to blast them rap boys out last em
Todos saves simon that'll I pass em
Vatos crumble and mumble then rumble
Cause I'm droppin my shit like a fumble
Back with another style on the micrphone
I'ma rip it up, so I think that you better go
Soy mexicano, loco vato, maitone, marijuano
Some say that I'm nuts
They say cause I'm splatterin guts

[Chorus 2]
Oh, oh, Knightowl

[Chorus 1] - [2x]


Smokin, I was in a mind
With a new style that I put the rhyme
When I'm rappin on the microphone
All the fools know what time
It's is, diggin up a grave, foo, nedzales
I'm packin up, think, boy your rap stink
Cause they wanna battle but the man will sink
Headbutt em, I gut em, the bitches I nut em
A knife in the pansa, The Knightowl will cut em
To those actin bad like a nose I'ma pick em
Blast em and after they die I'ma kick em
Put em on the ground
Hit em with a sound, that is gonna rock you
Incase you don't like a jam that'll I make, vato well fuck you
The man, is back, attackin to those that are steppin
The Knightowl is packin a weapon

[Chorus 2] - [2x]

[Chorus] - [2x]


Gotta em on the run, putos I'm back
Never try to box the sureno that is on the mic
That is gonna burn em up like rocks
Now know that I'm on the go
Will your stero bump homie
Bitches on my jock like they know me
Penso mucho los dias que tunno ven deiste
When I was broke to de quieste
Now I'ma get em, putas I'm wit em
Many will come around, when I spit em, the rythme
Better get away, when I'm in a mood to spray
Lots of putos fall, un cyclone bein cavorne that'll make em crawl
La pistola swuena, cervalasos trena, yo los temmo
Como yerba buena

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 1]

[Knightowl] *Talkin*
Simon, The Knightowl's back
With another smooth mothafuckin track
And to all of you socas que quiera pedo
Medan se en pinche dedo

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