Head first into the head board
Im shatter proof
The cranial impact
Taps something true
If i could grab your attention
With my styrofoam rattle box
Youd smile away my transgression
And tap something lost

A spitball to the ribcage
My useless heart hit
Were slap happy the livelong day
Neck and neck
If i could grab the man on a street
With my raspy rattled plan
My only personal property
A raspy whispered plan

A bottle green sky
Stinging yellow hair
In a dizzy of deviation
Giddy in the glare
If i could grab this whirligig
And keep it in my arms
Wed persevere through what is here
And mourn what is gone

A smokers gift
And a childs hell
Cut through the air
Drown out all that other sound

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