Paroles de chanson Kt Tunstall: Beauty Of Uncertainty

Beauty Of Uncertainty

I need a mirror
In the eyes of a man
I need no protection
From my bullet-proof plan

I've got a ticket
For all that I lack
You might think that I'm always gone
But I know that I'm coming back

Sit at my table
Sip from my bowl
Feel like I know you now
And I will do until I get old

You might not see me
But trust that I'll stay
But there's no sense in traveling
If we've already been that way

Night is a matter
Hidden in grass
Bite like a light
Depends on the ways
To see how long it lasts

But you know better
You stand your ground
Might just stain a little
But she knows you're sticking around

The beauty of uncertainty

Ahh, ooh

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