I cannot sleep tonight
Feel like I'm gonna lose my mind
My head is filled with light
Can't believe what I saw
What happened to my wife
Makes me scared but I've got to know
And I would give my life
But I don't let it show

'Cause you're atomic, atomic, radiations of your brain
Yes, you're atomic, atomic, kill me softly, feel no pain
You're so atomic, atomic, pleasin' my soul, burnin' my heart

She's alien to this world
Staring me thru her diamond eyes
A different kind of girl
When I touch her she's cold as ice
Her body's precious gold
And I did pay the price

'Cause you're atomic, atomic, need your deadly kiss again
Yes, you're atomic, atomic, you're the poison in my veins
You're so atomic, atomic, pleasin' my soul, burnin' my heart

I knew it from the start
When she told me she was from Mars
I thought it would be nice
Only forgot she had no heart
Loved you like playing with fire
In the end I get burned

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