Lightning Bugs

if you love her so much why must you manipulate her
you've got the heart of a puppy with the soul of a chew toy
your urge to collect her is frustrating to deal with
your fingerprints on her it seems wrong to affect it
the lightning bugs dont want to play for you

in a jar
with no breathing holes
you egotistical son of a bitch
this is for your amusement

but i do it, too,
i do it too yeah

(its only)Just beginning and I'm
counting the seconds till the lightshow is over
its not that her presence (i)s not completely distracting
its just the tempation is a threat to my ethics

I've created a problem
for everyone to empathise
and i don't know how to resolve it
i've created a problem
you might never would have realized
and i don't know how to resolve it
"you've created a problem
thank you, so much, Socrates
'cause i don't know how to resolve it
when the problem isn't listening
to me"
and would rather be

In a Jar
with no breathing holes
How can good intentions be so GROSSLY misunderstood
Are you serious?
This is your actual life
actually given to you
by actual God
and you want to spend it
doing this?
is there
any sentient activity going on in your head?
This is your actual life
actually given to you
by actual God

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