She's No Angel

Well she looks too young to know right from wrong
She sleeps all day 'cause the nights are long
She's no angel
And her Mommy thinks she's a good little girl
But she knows too well the wicked ways of the world
She's no angel

What do you think of in your room
You know you lost it much too soon

What would daddy think about his english rose
She took me in the garden by the hose
She's no angel
Well would he let you out all night
If he'd seen your legs in fishnet tights
She's no angel

What do you think of in your room

You know you lust it much too soon

There ain't no doubt about it
She just can't live without it
So I give it when I can

She never answers the telephone
She gets so hot when she's all alone
She's no angel
Does your mommy know what's inside your head
Did your daddy know I was in your bed
She's no angel

Does she wonder why you won't wear white
Did she ever see her stray cat scratch and bite
She's no angel
She's a bad little girl and she's dangerous

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