We gotta we gotta do something about this
When do you think you could make it over here? How long?
I could try and get 45 minutes maybe
I'll try
But we got to sort this out
OK I'm just gonna go, I'm going to head off just now and just try to speak to some people about this
Well you got to do something
Cause if we don't take care of this then I don't even want to think about it Hello
Hi Colin
It's Martin
Hi Martin
I'm sorry to bother you
It's alright
But we've got a bit of a sketch going on here
What? What?
Well, it's pretty hard to explain
So tell us What?
Right We were down at Vics and Stuart and Dominic got into a bit of a row
Hmm hmm
And Stuart was getting a bit stroppy with Dominic and it ended up with Dominic punching Stuart and walking out
Hmm hmm
Saying he's not coming back Stuart's saying that he's out and stuff like that
Stuart's away as well
Where's Stuart away to?
He just phoned his dad and left
And is John still there?
No he went away with Stuart for some reason To try and calm him down or something It was a full bloody sketch man I don't know what to do We've this thing on Tuesday
Right Kind of limited to what I can do ??????

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