Paroles de chanson Nicolette Larson: Sleep Baby Sleep

Sleep Baby Sleep

Over in Cararne
Many years ago
My mother sang a song to me
In a tone so sweet and low
Just a simple little ditty
In her good old Irish ways
And I'd give the world
If she could sing that song to me this day

Tura lura lural
Tura lura lie
Tura lura lura
Hush now
Don't you cry
Tura lura lural
Tura lura lie
Tura lura lura
That's an Irish Lullaby

Often dreams I've wondered to that cott again
I feel her arms a huggin me
As when she held me then
And I hear her voice a hummin to me
As in days of yule
When she used to rock me fast asleep
Outside the cabin door


Don't you cry

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