Paroles de chanson S.O.D. (Stormtroopers Of Death): Douche Crew

Douche Crew

Why do you play so fastto be cool?
If you think you'll lastyou're just fools
You try to be somethingthat you're not
And all you do is fill our earswith rot
You claim to play hardcore
Well that's a bunch of shit
You're just a bunch of snot nosed kids
A real group of tits
You make your bed you lay in
I bet it's made of shit
You think you're all so macho
I bet you all have clits

You're just a douche crew
You're just a douche crew
You're just a douche crew
You're just a douche crew
We offered you our hands
Yu just turned your backs
You're just a bunch of poser douchbag
Faggot, dickless, hacks
Wearing all their douchy clothes
They like to watch each other pose
They're all the same, so fuckin' lame
We'll shove their spikes right up their holes

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