The Ghost Of You Lingers

If you were here
Would you calm me down
Or settle the score?
The feelings I fight (I'm a stranger in town)
Burn so bright (but if you were here)
The feelings I fight (would you ease my mind?)
(Come on! )

The sleep fled from my eyes
And I, I know that I need some
Give a thought to the one that you know

Or would you calm me down
When the breath gets shallow and fast?

We put on the clinic (if you were here)
It felt good to me (would you calm me down)
Can't you see I'm losing it (or settle the score?)
Must I set up the scene?

(The man asleep knockup) Put on a clinic
(I see it) But I will see to that
(We settled this part) They're all alive
Oh, would you ease my mind? Yeah

(The ghost of you lingers)
Put on a clinic till we hit the wall
(It lingers)
Just like a sailor with his wounds being salted
Come on

I had a nightmare nothing could be put back together

(My life, so light)

Would you settle the score?

If you were here
Would you calm me down?

The ghost of you lingers
It lingers
And I always think about it

Oh, would you calm me down?

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