Honest Truth

Well you won't believe what happened last night on my way home
I stopped at Joe's to have a drink and to call you on the phone
Then I met Bill and Harry and both of them bought a round
Before I knew what happened my head was spinnin' round
From a booth back in a corner this blonde gave me a glance
And I don't know why I did it but I asked her to dance
Then Harry played the jukebox and we all sang along
We were having so much fun how could I think of home
Think of home think of home we were having so much fun how could I think of home
[ acguitar ]
Then I said something awful to a stranger at the bar
The next thing I remember they'd carried me to the car
But I know it sounds ridiculous and you think I'm just talkin' smooth
But that's exactly how it happened and honey that's the honest truth
Honey now honey it's the truth really honest baby put down that gun
I'm not lyin' ask Harry ask Bill ask anybody
(bang bang bang bang bang bang)

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