Guest Check

well he thinks that he's got me
he thinks that I'm giving in
but I know all the lies and the alibis and the hypnotizing
where do I begin?

He's says that girls lie
but I got news for him, cause boys lie too
and I'm through with all your games
and all your excuses, down to everything you say and do

Cause I've seen things from a different view
and I realize all the things I already knew
your not for me
you know I don't think that you've ever been good for me

Ya know, there's got to be someone out there who's real
there's got be someone who can honestly say they feel
this music underneath my fingertips
she says, "get a grip girl, cause guys like that don't exist"

well I just wanna laugh my way through life
and no worry about whether they think what I'm doing is wrong or right
cause ive got so much to learn
and you know this fires just dying to burn

I think its time to leave
can I have the guest check please?
I'm saying good-bye, to all the comfortable things
I'm going out living my life, gonna see what a little livin' will bring

cause I've seen things from a different view
and I realize all the things I already knew
cause your not for me
and no I don't think that you'll ever be good for me

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