Eso Ain't Shit

[Verse 1:]

Your father's from Dorchester
We move your ass out to Beverly
So you could get that good education
And speak intelligently
But you heard my melody
Rocking rapping so eloquently
Better tell em gently
This is what you think you're meant to be
You're mentally deranged
You got no reason to be in this game
We ain't good enough, you really ain't good enough
I'm a call your bluff, you ain't tough
You're no thug, you're no [?]
You're trying to play this game by the book
Trying to play this game while you're shook
Piss run down your leg to your foot
Wu-Tang really [?]
While speaking real words kid
I'll give you that but you still get no dap
Cause you lack what a real MC pack


You don't understand now do you?

You're no Kane and you're no Guru
You're on Biggie, you're no G-Rap
Just [?] now you'll never be that
You're no De La, you're no Tribe
Never be in Source or Vibe
You're no [?] and you're no Chris
Esoteric, he ain't shit

[Verse 2:]

It don't matter that you said that your folks sleep in different beds
The fact is that you know they're broke and that right there brings down
Your bread
You ain't been shot, you ain't been stabbed
You ain't been locked for nothing bad
You ain't sold weed, you ain't dealt crack
The closest you come to coke is tabs
You got no buyers, that's a fact
So what you know [?] shit back to back
So once you gave up most your life to rap
You ain't getting respect without this?


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