Love Child

Ev`ryone is telling me that he was born as a love child
By looking in his eyes, something turned me loose in this hot night
Feeling the power of lust when the guy`s passing by
Wrecking one` brain and I`m going insane; don`t know why
I can feel your sex winding up the girl in the red dress
And my brain is gone What is going on? I`m burning inside
Feeling the power
I gotta tell myself that he was born as a love child
And the story of his way should not make me stay in this hot night
Feeling the power
A love child running wild, a love child
Don`t know what I am, a woman or a man Many troubles behind me
I`m doing all I can But I`m what I am
Leave me alone; don`t mistreat me!
Feeling the Power

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