The Prison Island

I'm afraid to shut my eyes
I'm shaking uncontrollably
And this life support is failing
All the phone lines have been cut
This is not happening
It's this ocean that I cannot wish away

Goodnight sweetheart
There is nothing more to say
Things fall apart
Hearts are broken every day

If only I had the strength,
I'd burn that island to the ground
For swallowing you whole
And I am terrorized
Airport nightmares and a change in time
Watch the five become a ten

So hearts are broken,
Words are spoken,
And you can't take them back
The foregin nights,
They twist insides
And turn it all to black

It's hard to breathe,and hard to sleep
When everything we had is over
It's hard to breatheMy heart won't beat,
Ever since you said it's over

So goodbye

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