Sweet Emotion

Talk about things and nobody cares
Wearing other things that nobody wears
Ya callin' my name, but I gotta make it clear
Can't say where I'm gonna be in a year
Riff 4x
Some sweat hog mama with a face like a gent
Said my get up and go musta got up & went
You got good news but you're a real good liar
Cause backstage lover set your pants on fire
Riff 8x, then sweet emotion 2x
Pulled into town in a police car
Your daddy said I took you just a little too far
Tellin' other things, but your girlfriend lied
Can't catch me cause the rabbit done died
Riff 4x
Standin' in front just shakin' your ass
Take you back stage you can drink from my glass
Talk about something you can sure understand
Cause a month on the road and i'll be eatin' from your hand
Riff 8x, bend, then lead in E

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